MA6008 Theory of bioinspired computing

Course Details

Why DNA computing, Overview of Turing machines, NP-completeness, Universal computers, Structure of DNA, Operations on DNA, Adleman´┐Żs experiment: Solving TSP and 3-SAT using DNA molecules, overview of basics of Formal language theory, DNA memory: Advantages over a computer chip, organic DNA memory, Design of DNA sequences : Algorithmic, experimental, software and theoretical approach.

Course References:

1. G.Paun, G.Rozenberg and A.Salomaa, DNA Computing, Springer 1998.
2. Martyn Amos, Theoretical and Experimental DNA Computing, Springer 2005.
3. R.Rama and K.Krithivasan, Introduction to Formal Languages, Automata and Languages, Pearson 2009.