MA7850 Advanced Differential Equations

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Ordinary Differential Equations:
Review of existence and uniqueness of solutions of Initial value problems for system of first order differential equations
Existence and Uniqueness theorem for a linear system; homogeneous and inhomogeneous linear systems; linear equations with constant coefficients; Fundamental matrix
Linear differential equations with periodic coefficients: Floquet theory Stability for linear systems. Principle oflinearised stability. Stability for autonomous systems. l.iapunov functions.
Plane autonomous systems
Periodic solutions of plane autonomous systems.

Partial Differential Equations:
Review of method of characteristics for first order partial differential equations and classification of second order partial differential equations Nonlinear first order partial differential equations. Conservation laws. Lax-Oleinik . formula. Riemann's problem.Long time behavior Separation of variables. Similarity solutions. Transform methods. Converting nonlinear partial differential equations into linear partial differential equation. Asymptotics. Maximum principles

Course References:

Text Books:
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2. Lawrence C. Evans, Partial Differential Equations, American Mathematical Society, 1991.

1. David Betounes, Differential equations: Theory and applications, Springer, 2010.
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