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Differential Calculus: Functions of several variables, Open sets, Limits and continuity, Derivatives of a scalar field with respect to a vector, Directional derivatives, Partial derivatives, Total derivative, Gradient of a scalar field, Level sets and tangent planes, Derivatives of vector fields, Chain rules for derivatives, Derivatives of functions defined implicitly, Higher order derivatives, Taylor’s theorem.
Applications of Differential Calculus: Maxima, Minima, Saddle points, Stationary points, Lagrange's multipliers, Inverse function theorem, Implicit function theorem.
Line Integrals: Paths and line integrals, Fundamental theorems of calculus for line integrals, Vector fields and gradients.
Multiple Integrals: Double and triple integrals, Iterated integrals, Change of variables formula, Applications to area and volume, Green's theorem, Two-dimensional vector fields and gradients.
Surface Integrals: Parametric representation of a surface, Fundamental vector product and normal to a surface, Stokes' theorem, Curl and divergence of a vector field, Gauss' divergence theorem.

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