MA2130 Basic Graph Theory

Course Details

Graphs, subgraphs, isomorphism, representation of graphs, degrees and graphicalsequences, walks, trails, paths, cycles, Connectivity, bipartite graphs.
Trees and connectivity:
Characterizations of trees, minimum-spanning-trees, number of trees, Cayley's formula, shortest path algorithms, cut-sets, Characterization of blocks.
Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs:
Characterizations, Necessary/sufficient conditions. Coverings and independent sets: Basic relations, matchings in bipartite graphs, Tutte's Perfectmatching theorem and consequences.
Edge-colorings of bipartite graphs, Gupta Vizing's theorem, greedy algorithm for vertex-colorings, Brook's theorem, clique-number and vertex chromatic number. Planar graphs: Euler's formula and its consequences, Kuratowski's Characterization. Directed graphs: Basics, various connectivities and tournaments.

Course References:

J.A Bondy and U.S.R Murthy, Graph Theory with Applications, Macmillan, 1976.

D.B. West, Introduction to Graph Theory, P.H.I 1999.