MA7014 Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves

Course Details

To introduce the students to the geometry of Riemann surfaces, both from analytic as well as algebraic viewpoints, highlighting the rich interplay between the topological, analytical and algebraic aspects of compact Riemann surfaces and their moduli.

Topology of Riemann Surfaces : Definitions and examples of Riemann surfaces, Euler-Poincare and Riemann-Hurwitz formulae, Galois Theory of Coverings, Uniformisation, Kleinian, Fuchsian and Elementary Groups.
Analytic Theory of Riemann Surfaces : Holomorphic differentials, Integration, Weyl's Lemma, Meromorphic functions.
Algebraic Aspects of Riemann Surfaces : Compact Riemann Surfaces as Algebraic Curves, Riemann-Roch Theorem, Abel's Theorem, Jacobian Variety of a Riemann Surface, Jacobi Inversion

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