MA5390 Ordinary Differential Equations

Course Details

Existence-Uniqueness for systems:
Picard’s theorem, Non-local existence theorem. (6 lectures)
Second Order Equations:
General solution of homogeneous equations, Non-homogeneous equations, Wronskian, Method of variation of parameters, Sturm comparison theorem, Sturm separation theorem, Boundary value problems, Green's functions, Sturm-Liouville problems. (15 lectures)
Series Solution of Second Order Linear Equations:
ordinary points, regular singular points, Legendre polynomials and properties, Bessel functions and properties. (15 lectures)
Systems of Differential Equations:
Algebraic properties of solutions of linear systems, The eigenvalueeigenvector method of finding solutions, Complex eigenvalues, Equal eigenvalues, Fundamental matrix solutions, Matrix exponential. (4 lectures)

Course References:

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