MA 5920 Partial Differential Equations

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First order partial differential equations: Linear, quasi-linear and fully nonlinear equations-Lagrange and Charpit methods.
Second order partial differential equations: Classification and Canonical forms of equations in two independent variables, One dimensional wave equation- D'Alembert's solution, Reflection method for half-line, Inhomogeneous wave equation, Fourier Method.
One dimensional diffusion equation: Maximum Minimum principle for the diffusion equation, Diffusion equation on the whole line, Diffusion on the half-line, inhomogeneous equation on the whole line, Fourier method.
Laplace equation: Maximum -Minimum principle, Uniqueness of solutions; Solutions of Laplace equation in Cartesian and polar coordinates-Rectangular regions, circular regions, annular regions; Poison integral formula
Diffusion and wave equations in higher dimensions.

Course References:

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