MA5450 Functional Analysis

Course Details

Unit I: (14 lectures)
Normed linear spaces, Banach spaces; Classical examples: C([0,1]), lp, c, c0, c00, Lp[0,1]; Continuity and boundedness of linear operator; Quotient spaces; Finite dimensional normed spaces; Riesz lemma, (non)compactness of unit ball; Seperability with examples;

Unit II: (10 lectures)
Hahn Banach extension theorem, Open mapping theorem, Closed graph theorem, Uniform boundedness principle.

Unit III: (16 lectures)
Hilbert spaces, Projection theorem; Orthonormal basis, Bessel inequality, Parseval equality; Dual, Duals of classical spaces-c0, lp, Lp[0,1]; Riesz representation theorem, Adjoint of an operator; Double dual, Weak and weak* convergence;

Course References:

Text Books:
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