MA6150 Basic Operator theory (modified)

Course Details

Unit I: Operators on Hilbert spaces: self-adjoint, normal, unitary, isometry, partial isometry, projections, positive operators. (7 Lectures)

Unit I: Spectral Results: Eigen spectrum and spectrum; spectral radius formula; spectral mapping theorem; spectrum of various operators on Hilbert spaces. (12 Lectures)

Unit III: Finite rank operators, compact operators; Riesz-Schauder theory for compact operators; spectral theorem for compact self-adjoint and compact normal operators; singular value decomposition of compact operators; Trace class & Hilbert Schmidt operators. (11 Lectures)

Unit IV: Continuous functional calculus; Polar decomposition; Borel functional calculus; Spectral theorem for self-adjoint & normal operators - sketch of the proofs. (10 Lectures)

Course References:

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2. M. Reed and B. Simon, Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics, Vol. I: Functional Analysis, Academic Press, New York, 1962.

Reference Books:
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