MA5430 Algebra II (modified)

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Module Theory: Right and Left modules ; Examples over Z , polynomial rings and other simple rings ; Quotient modules ; module homomorphisms ; homomorphism theorems.

Ring Theory: Structure Theorem of modules over a PID ; a polynomial ring over a UFD is again a UFD ; basic properties of Noetherian rings and modules ; Universal Property of a Polynomial Ring; Quotient field and localization for integral domains.

Field Theory : Criteria for Irreducibility ; Classical Straightedge and Compass construction and examples ; normal and separable extensions.

Basic Non-Commutative Algebra: Linear Maps and Modules over non-commutative rings ; Simple and Semi-simple modules and rings.

Course References:

Text Books:
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2. S. Lang: Algebra 3rd Edition, Addison-Wisely, 1999.

Reference Books:
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