MA6190 Mathematical Logic (modified)

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Formal proofs, resolution, Axiom systems, strong completeness and compactness of propositional logic.

First order with equality: First order structures in mathematics, Propositional reduction, completeness and compactness.Variants of Lowenheim-Skolem theorem. Some complete axiom systems. Isomorphisms and equivalence of structures. Expressive and distinguishing power of First order logics. EF games and 0-1 law. Proof sketch of Incompleteness theorems. Undecidability.

Course References:

Text Books:
1. A. Singh, Logics for Computer Science, PHI Learning. 2003
2. Lecture notes by Madhavan Mukund and S P Suresh (

Reference Books:
1. A Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic - Christopher C. Leary, Lars Kristiansen - Milne Library 2nd edition 2015.
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