MA5510 Algebra, Analysis and Probability in Combinatorics (New Course)

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Prereq: MA5350

The Methods of Linear Algebra, Polynomials, Nullstellensatz and the Incidence Geometry.

Poset counting using group theory.

Formal Powerseries ring and species of structures.

Probabilistic Method.

Course References:

Text Books:
1. Extremal combinatorics -Stasys Jukna - second edition, Springer. 2001
2. Generatingfunctionology - Hilbert Wilf - CRC Press (available also from his home page)

Reference Books:
1. Combinatorial Species and Treelike Structures - Bergerone and Labelle - Cambridge (1998)
2. Algebraic Combiantorics, Walks, Trees, Tableaux and More - R Stanley - Springer (2013).
3. The Probabilistic Method - Alon and Spencer - Third Edition – Wiley. 2008
4. Linear Algebra Methods in Combinatorics - Babai and Frankl - draft version