Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Mixed multiplicities of filtrations

Speaker : Dale Cutkosky, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA


Abstract :

We define and explore properties of mixed multiplicities of (not necessarily Noetherian) filtrations of m-primary ideals in a Noetherian local ring R, generalizing the classical theory for m-primary ideals. We construct a real polynomial whose coefficients give the mixed multiplicities. This polynomial exists if and only if the dimension of the nilradical of the completion of R is less than the dimension of R, which holds for instance if R is excellent and reduced. We show that many of the classical theorems for mixed multiplicities of m-primary ideals hold for filtrations, including the famous Minkowski inequalities of Teissier, and Rees and Sharp. This is joint work with Parangama Sarkar and Hema Srinivasan.

Key Speaker Dale Cutkosky, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Place Madhava Hall
Start Time 3:00 PM
Finish Time 4:00 PM
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