Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Special Seminar

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Zero-sum free sequences and Hyperplane arrangements 12-07-2024 Prof. Sunil Chebolu, Department of Mathematics, Faculty at Illinois State University, Normal, IL USA
Descents, excedances and alternating-runs in positive elements of Coxeter groups 10-07-2024 Hiranya Kishore Dey

Counting ideals and its applications
10-07-2024 Jyothsnaa S

Recent advancements in design of experiments
10-07-2024 Rahki Singh
Representation theory of p-adic groups and its applications to number theory 04-07-2024 Mihir Sheth

The Geometry of Quot Schemes
04-07-2024 Chandranandan Gangopadhyay
Maximal functions and hardy spaces for fourier integral operators 04-07-2024 Abhishek Ghosh
Kronecker limit formulas and associated special functions.  26-06-2024 Rahul Kumar

Persistence of stationary Gaussian processes
26-06-2024 Sunder Ram Krishnan
Homogenization and Optimal Control Problems Governed by Partial Differential Equations  26-06-2024 Bidhan Chandra Sardar
Invariant Sub-algebras of the Crossed products of discrete groups 26-06-2024 Tattwamasi Amrutam