Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai


Program Overview
Department conducts various research activities both fundamental and applied. The department offers guidance in the fields of research in almost all broad areas of Mathematics leading to Doctor of Philosophy degree of the IIT Madras. During the programme the research scholars interact with the faculty and students of the parent as well as sister departments and take courses necessary for their research. The weekly seminars of the department help them to come in contact with eminent visiting mathematicians and scientists from India and abroad. The duration of programme is 2-5 years.
Structure of the Program
Course Work:
  • Each PhD scholar will have to take 2 Core courses from a basket of following 6 courses of 12 Credits each:
    • MA7830 - Advanced Algebra
    • MA7840 - Analysis
    • MA7850 - Advanced Differential Equations
    • MA7860 - Discrete Mathematics
    • MA7880 - Advanced Stochastic Processes
    • MA7890 - Advanced Topology
  • In addition to two Core from the basket of six courses, each PhD scholar will have to take 4 elective courses each of them with at least 9 credits.
  • Two of the elective courses are to be from the mathematics department, preferably not in the area of research of the scholar. These can include the courses listed above or any other PhD or MSc level elective courses. The remaining two electives can be from other departments as well.
Comprehensive Examination : Every Ph.D. Scholar has to appear in a Comprehensive Examination that is normally conducted at the end of first year. Comprehensive examination will have both written and oral components. Written test is based on two compulsory topics, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis. Written and oral components have separate minimum of 40% to pass and overall minimum for pass is 50%. After successful completion of comprehensive viva meeting, a research proposal meeting shall be conducted within a year in the form of a seminar. More details can be found in R13 of Ph.D. Ordinances and Regulation.
PhD Admission
Details of PhD admission test/interview syllabys can be found at the PhD Admission page.
Career Prospects
After completion of the programme, the scholars get excellent opportunities to join educational and research institutions in India and abroad. The placement office helps the scholars to get jobs in industries. During the last few years, several of our students have joined software industries through campus interviews.