Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Major Areas of Research


# Title Authors Journal Year
11 A second order accurate fixed-grid method for multi-dimensional Stefan problem with moving phase change materials S. Nandi and Y.V.S.S. Sanyasiraju Applied Mathematics and Computation (Elsevier)

Volume: 416 Page: 126719 DOI:

12 A characterization of atomic von Neumann algebras D.De and K. Mukherjee Proc. Math. Sci. Ind. Acad.

Volume: 44 (2) Page: 9 pages

13 Binary Operations in Metric Spaces Satisfying Side Inequalities M. A. Navascues, R. Pasupathi, A. K. B. Chand Mathematics

Volume: 10(1) Page: 11 DOI:

14 Cubic spline fractal solutions of two-point boundary value problems with a non-homogeneous nowhere differentiable term A. K. B. Chand, K. R. Tyada, M. A. Navascu├ęs Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Volume: 404 Page: 113267 DOI:

15 Szego-Weinberger Type Inequalities for Symmetric Domains with Holes Anoop, T. V. and Bobkov, Vladimir and Drabek, Pavel SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis

Volume: 54 Page: 389-422 DOI:10.1137/21M1407227

16 A Note on Pointwise Well-Posedness of Set-Valued Optimization Problems Kuntal Som & Vellaichamy Vetrivel Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications


17 Conforming and nonconforming finite element methods for biharmonic inverse source problem M Thamban Nair and Devika Shylaja Inverse Problems

Volume: 38 Page: 36pp DOI:

18 Watson-Crick Jumping Finite Automata: Combination, Comparison &&\& Closure K.Mahalingam,U. K. Mishra and R. Rama The Computer Journal

Volume: 65-05 Page: 1178-1188 DOI:

19 Properties of M-bonacci sum graph K.Mahalingam, H.P. Rajendran Discrete Applied Mathematics

Volume: 319 Page: 149-158 DOI:

20 Enumeration of Two-Dimensional Palindromes K.Mahalingam, P.Pandoh Information and Computation

Volume: 286 DOI: